sandro kopp

sandro kopp

The French Dispatch Paintings

In 2018 Wes Anderson asked me to create all the paintings that were painted by the character Moses Rosenthaler, who is played by Benicio Del Toro and Tony Revolori in the film THE FRENCH DISPATCH.

I had three months to create ten monumental paintings (360cm by 180cm each) that were supposed to look like a visionary had worked on them for three years, as well as half a dozen highly detailed realistic paintings for the flash-back scenes and the pivotal smaller abstract “Simone, Naked, Cell Block J, Hobby Room” that is the motor for the entire story.

I was expertly assisted by Edith Baudrand and Sian Smith.

After the release of the film in 2021, the paintings were exhibited at 180 The Strand in London in an exhibition that was seen by about forty thousand visitors over several months and “Simone, Naked, Cell Block J, Hobby Room” was exhibited at the Musee d’Art Moderne in Paris.

For more information on these paintings, check out my talk at MoMA on Youtube. There’s a link on the press page